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The Carillon & Grenville Railway Sources

A Statutory History of Railways in Canada 1836-1986

    Robert Dorman/D.E. Stoltz

    Canadian Institute of Guided Ground Transport, 1987

Board of Railway Commissioners of Canada

    Samuel Keefer, Inspector of Railways

    Report, 1858

Canadian National Railways (2 Vols.)

    G.R. Stevens

    Clarke, Irwin, 1962

Canadian National Railways Construction, Betterments, etc - Grenville, Quebec Cut Off

    Canadian Railway and Marine World, May 1919

Canadian Northern Railway, Construction, Betterments, Etc. - Montreal-Ottawa-Port Arthur Line

    Canadian Railway and Marine World, June 1913

Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railways and Waterway History in Canada

    Christopher Andreae

    The Boston Mills Press, 1997

Notes on the Carillon & Grenville Railway

    Robert R. Brown (Unpublished)

    Collection R.D. Brown

Railway and Shipping World

    November 1899

Railway Development - Projected Lines, Surveys, Construction, Betterments, Etc

    Canadian Railway and Marine World, December 1912

Some Notes On the Acquisition of the Carillon and Grenville Combination Car

    R.J. Corby, November 1973

    Ray Corley Collection

The Canadian Northern Railway


    Macmillan, 1976

The Carillon and Grenville Railway

    Robert R. Brown

    Bulletin No. 23, November 1930

    Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

The Last Broad Gauge-Carillon & Grenville

    Robert R. Brown

    Canadian Railroad Historical Association, 1954

The Rise & Fall of the Provincial Gauge

    Omer Lavallée

    Canadian Rail - No. 141, February 1963

The Train That Never Comes Back!

    Robert F. Legget

    Canadian Rail - No. 294, July 1976

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