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Equipment for the 1974 editCP_display_train.jpgion of the Canadian Pacific Display train is on the tail end of a freight at North Bay, Ontario on June 24, 1974. Working from right to left CP 439442 is the freight’s van. In front of that is CPR business car no. 1 on loan from the Canadian Railway Museum. It’s  construction date is uncertain but at the time this photo was taken it was easily over a century old.

Next up is First-class passenger car Number 141. Constructed in Montreal in 1907 for use as a commuter coach, it was withdrawn from service in 1951 and converted into a bunk car. It was cosmetically restored for use in the filming of The National Dream.

The van ahead of 141 is number 436954, built at CPR's Angus Shops in Montreal in 1928. The final item is boxcar 500 built in 1913. It survived as a tool car until being restored for the The National Dream.

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Photo Corner

Photo Corner is a page of my photographs of railroading in Canada and abroad. (Abroad? On a site dedicated to Canada's railways? Well the photos were taken by a Canadian.) 

I have limited the number of photographs on the page to two-dozen (give or take a few) to keep things simple and fresh. On occasion there will be a link to a page with more photographs of a particularly interesting subject. The pictures added could be as recent as that day or taken way back before I had grey hair. As images are added at the top, photos are deleted at the bottom of the page. 


Jim Sandilands


June 27, 2012


Montreal West, Quebec

It’s only a few days before Christmas 1975 (December 21 to be exact) and Canadian Pacific E8A 1800 is at Montreal West with a longer holiday edition of the Atlantic Limited.

VIA 6787 on train number 35 to Ottawa at Dorval on May 3, 1981. Note the third car in the consist - an old-school heavyweight.

Dorval, Quebec

Dante, Virginia

It’s October 24, 1981 and a classic ABBA set of GM cab units is a rarity. Clinchfield railroad 800, an A unit is closest to the camera and A unit CRR 200 is at the other end. In between are B units 250 and 869. Some railroad historians describe No. 800 as an F5 because it was a transitional model to the F7. When built, No. 800 was classified as a Phase V F3A. This interesting locomotive has been preserved.

Dante is pronounced daint as in paint.

Pointe Claire, Quebec

Toronto to Montreal train 65Train-650-1.jpg0 with only 4 cars is seen at Pointe Claire pulled by RS-18 3104. The date is July 4, 1976 - America’s 200th birthday.

CP Mountain Subdivision, British Columbia

On July 9, 1974, Canadian PCP_8642.jpgacific’s Display Train is on route from Fort Macleod, Alberta to Revelstoke, British Columbia. It’s in the care of GP9 8642. This edition of the Display Train included Canadian Pacific 4-4-0 144 as well as business car 1 built around 1864 by Crossen.

display-train-1.jpg display-train-2.jpg

Point Saint Charles (Montreal), Quebec

Montreal Birney car 200 restMTC_200.jpgs between filming sessions on Hibernia street in October 1980. This street in the Point Saint-Charles district of Montreal “portrayed” a 1930s Quebec City street for the filming of The Plouffe Family.

This Birney car was borrowed from the Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) and was run on the street under its own power making it the last streetcar to operate in Montreal.

Canadian Pacific 7041 is shown at Glen Yard on May 1, 1966. This longtime Glen resident was noted for having different trucks—an Alco blunt truck under the cab and a more modern AAR truck under the nose.  When S-2 7041 was outshopped in April 1946 it had two blunt trucks as did all S-2s.

Westmount, Quebec

Lachine, Quebec

Canadian National FP9A 6541 leads train number 55 the Bonaventure  past the entrance to Tashereau yard on May 18. 1975.

Durham, North Carolina

Southern SW10 is at Durham, NC on November 10, 1976.

Dorval, Quebec

MTC observation car 4 being prepared for shipment to the Connecticut Trolley Museum on Feb. 15, 1967. The car had been in the private collection of H.J. OConnell who acquired the car from the Montreal Transportation Commission in 1959. It is aboard CPR flat car 301000.

Town of Mount Royal, Quebec

Canadian National steeple-cab electric 201 enters Mount Royal on the morning of April 4, 1966. There were only three of these locomotives. Two of them operated together leaving the single unit to handle long commuter trains such as the one shown here.

Rouses Point, New York

Grand Trunk Western 1510, an SW1200, is laying over at the Delaware and Hudson yard at Rouses Point, NY on July 27, 1966. The locomotive worked its way over from the Central Vermont at St Albans.

Notice the body of an old maintenance of way car used as a shed on the right.

North Bay, Ontario


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Dorval, Quebec

AMT_1320_on_Trn_22_at_Dorval-Edit.jpg Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) 1320 on Train 22 at Dorval on June 29, 2002.

South Portland, Maine

Maine Central (MEC) GP7s 569 and 562 at the Roundhouse in Rigby Yard, South Portland, Maine on July 6, 1965. The 562 bacame Springfield Terminal  (ST) 23. The 569 went to Delaware & Hudson keeping the number 569 then returned to MEC still as 569 before becoming  ST 26.

Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales

Ffestiniog Railway Blanche gets some pre-run attention on May 11, 1985.

Portland, Maine

In July 1967, CN RS-18 3703 and a steam generator car have just arrived from Montreal on the summer-only Saturday "beach train" to India Street in Portland, Maine.

The massive structure in the background is the former Grand Trunk New England Grain elevator now largely unused since its heydays in the early 1920s. (It finally closed in 1968.)

Innsbruck, Austria

On October 17, 1977 Innsbruck streetcar 64 makes its way through the streets of this beautiful Tirolian City. The car's PCC heritage is obvious.

Montreal West, Quebec

Pool.jpg Pool2.jpg

On May 23, 1965, Canadian National FPA-4 6783 leads the afternoon Montreal to Toronto pool train  into Montreal West. Jointly operated by Canadian Pacific and Canadian National, this train left CP's Montreal Windsor Station and crossed over to Canadian National at Dorval for the remainder of the journey to Toronto. This interest operation ceased on October 31, 1965.

The equipment was maintained at CN's Point St. Charles shop and deadheaded out to Dorval where it did a backing move over to CP before backing up all the way into Windsor Station.

Val Royal, St. Laurent, Quebec

A nocturnal Canadian National freight out of Taschereau Yard trundles through Val Royal station on the evening of December 29, 1964. CN 3843 is a Montreal Locomotive Works RS-18.

Cochrane, Ontario

Adding cars to the OntarioCochrane-1.jpg Northland’s Northland on Canada Day 1977.