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The remains of Carillon & Grenville No. 1, the first Ottawa which had been damaged by fire about 1895. The photo was taken at Carillon. Note the full baggage car in the background. Most C&G photos of a train on the line show combination baggage-passenger cars performing the “head-end” duties. (Doug Brown Collection)

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Carillon & Grenville No. 2 Grenville inside the engine shed at Carillon. (Doug Brown Collection)

Carillon & Grenville No. 2 Grenville at Carillon station. (Andrew Merrilees collection in the National Archives (PA-213284), Courtesy of Colin Churcher)

C&G locomotive #2 Grenville at an unknown location. (Courtesy of Colin Churcher)

Hand tinted postcard produced for the Canadian Railway News Company. The colour scheme is not necessarily an accurate rendition. The postcard was printed in Great Britain so it is possible that a British artist did the hand tinting and based the colour scheme on British Railway practice. Note the misspelling of “Grenville.” This postcard is based on a photo of No. 3, the second Ottawa. (Doug Brown Collection)


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