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The Carillon & Grenville Railway Photos

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CN’s MontreawpeD.gifl to Grenville passenger train entering Monklands station on June 23, 1965. (Jim Sandilands photo)


CN’s Montreal to Grenville passenger train at Deux-Montagnes station. Note the baggage cart next to the baggage car proving that there was indeed head-end business for this train to handle. (Jim Sandilands photo)


CN Train #187 at St. Andrew's East on August 6, 1971. The station building’s size reflects the line’s one-time status as a through route to Ottawa and the west. (Bob Sandusky photo)

Train 187 westbound with 10 cars at Fresniere on August 6, 1971. Two passengers were let off while the crew ordered lunch. (Bob Sandusky photo)

CN 3123 wyes in the woods at Grenville, looking north on August 6, 1971. (Bob Sandusky photo)

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